Saturday, December 30, 2006

Acoustic ladyland - skinny grin

I'm really crap. I totally neglect this blog. It's a shame because I think music is amazing and that good music is one of the best things in the world that you can share with other people and I like to get goddamn evangelical about the whole thing. I should put in more effort because I hear amazing music all of the time.

Which brings me to acoustic ladyland.

Acoustic Ladyland are four piece modern jazz band from London led by Pete Wareham on sax with support from genius drummer Seb Roachford among others. Their sound is a mix of jazz, hardcore punk, Napalm Death, Madness and Massive Attack. They are very good. Skinny Grin is their third album.

The album features guest vocalists on several tracks. Track4 'paris' is one of the best. It is sung by a woman whose partner appears to be trying to recreate an uncomfortable scene from 'last tango in paris' (maybe it's just my sick mind). The dynamic noise of the first trck is also great.

The band are part of the F-IRE collective and more can be found at

Polar bear are good too. I saw them by accident in Bath. I wrote about that on the main Drphunk blog.

happy listening


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