Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Metarie by Brendan Benson

This blog has been neglected like a red-headed stepchild in recent months (b.t.w my head was bright red when I was a kid but I've never been a stepchild). That been due to poor internet access and a general lack of being arsed. However I'm now using blogger beta so my inspiration is renewed.

My musical muse today is a song by Brendan Benson. It is the second track on his 2002 Lapalco album. Another version can be found as an uncredited secret track at the end of the CD.

The song is a Teenage Fanclub style slice of gender politics about a guy who introduces himself to an attractive woman before being shot down in flames by the girl who is worried about what her friends may think.

It starts with an acoustic guitar -

met a girl,
introduced myself
asked her to go with me
and no-one else
Then female backing vocals come in
I'd really like
to see you everyday
but I'm afraid of what my friends would say
You need a bath
and your clothes are wrong
You're not my type
We wouldn't get along

Back to solo male voice

I just laughed
What else could I do
Then her friend chimed in
Get a clue
Get a life, put it in your song

Then it all kicks of in a George Martin/Beatles style climax

There's something I've been meaning to say to you

The main protagonist home is pissed off so he storms off and buys porn mags, wine and a pack of cigarettes before going home to watch TV. He fantasises about leaving town and changing his name and just generally being much more chilled out.

It's a great song - funny, well-produced with good dynamics. Should have been number one and it will appeal to any guy who's had a knock-back (believe me, I've had fucking millions)

Check it out


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