Monday, April 24, 2006

TV on the radio - desperate youth, bloodthirsty babes

This album is great. I picked it up a couple of years back. Just added it to my ipod tonight. the second song on it can be heard at my myspace profile ( It's a mix between barbershop quartet style vocals and indie noise. A bit like my bloody valentine at times and in some ways totally unique. It's an album that can always make me smile.

Opening track the Wrong Way is amazing as is Staring at the sun and dreams. This album will take you to different places. lie back and stare at the sky.......




Blogger zoe said...

another great choice, phunky! i was blown away the first time i heard it, and yeah, it's a definite smile album :)

1:51 PM

Blogger drphunk said...

majorly great record. new one in june U think. really want to see them live


2:38 PM


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