Saturday, August 26, 2006

music is alive, sometimes it grows on you - KC rules ok by King Creosote

Music is amazing. It's one of the best things about being alive. It's a mixture of art and science. Chord changes are like maths but they can have an emotional impact as real as a slap in the face or a hug. The same music can affect one person in different ways at different times in their life. I hated Jeff Buckley the first time I heard him and now I think he is a genius.

I didn't really like King Creosote the first time I heard him. I knew who he was. Weirdly, I had heard his old band the scooby doo orchestra (it's not spelt like that but I can't remember how it should be spelt) and liked them. I also knew that his brother was Gordon Anderson (a.k.a lone pigeon)who had been an original member of a prototype Beta Band before leaving for health reasons. I bought the album but I did not fall in love with it immediately. It was not love at first listen.

Music needs space to breathe.

I picked up the KC rules OK CD again today and this time it worked. Everything clicked into place. I'm in the right mood for it today (a sorta happy, chilled mood having just passed a stressful exam and not working too hard right now).

It's a chilled out record. Very acoustic and lo-fi with some good songs on it. Highlights include not one bit ashamed and bootprints. There is a more conservative Beta Band feel to a lot of the stuff. It's been out for a while so you might already own it.



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